January 31, 2006

Hades’ Helmet

Posted in martial arts, mythology, psychology at 6:17 am by Jerry

For my beginning growth as a “blogger” I’m temporarily staying off the radar. I need to find my comfort zone in this kind of medium.

Speaking of invisibility, when I was about fifteen my friends and I became obsessed with martial arts. We watched all the movies, took Karate, and ran around town after dusk, pretending we were Ninjas. Aside from the fact that Ninjas were traditionally paid assassins, I loved the graceful agility of their economical movements they portrayed in movies. Sho Kosuji, the hero in many Ninja movies, moved like magic.

And that’s part of the reason why I loved (still do) martials arts. Sometimes martials arts can make the body seem magical! For instance, invisibility. Among all the different martials arts out there and their affiliations with the different nationalities (not as important to martial art schools like it use to be, thanks to Bruce Lee and others), the japanese Ninjas were known for their training in the arts of invisibility.

This training, from the little I’ve read on it, ranges from the use of camouflage, body positioning and movement(s), misdirection or inviting attention to other areas in your environment, etc. When I saw examples in martial art magazines I thought they were ridiculous. But their attempts intrigued me.

Many times, I wanted the power to be invisible in highschool, to sneak up on others, seeing their world without my influence on it (if you’re thinking about girl’s washrooms — that’s downright cliche — valid, but cliche). But when the power of invisibility was put in the hands of others around me for the purpose of making me invisible, I saw my world (inside and out) change in so many ways. (Note: Hades isn’t just known for his helmet.)

How are we to understand a world that chooses not to see you? And if they choose to see your mortal coil without seeing the spirit of who you really are, how should we respond to that? There’s an old saying, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make people believe he didn’t exist.” I think one of the greatest tricks our devilish societies can pull is to not physically see you — out of mind, outta sight!

No, I’m not insecure about coming out as a “blogger”. I’ve just been reminded these past few days about the power to make others invisible. My Cartesian response to anyone being made seen as invisible — don’t believe others’ misrepresentations of your identity – who you truly are does exist.



  1. suzy said,

    “Yummy!” (heehee…) Go Jerry! I love the blog. And you have too much to say to remain invisible for long.

  2. Christy said,

    Interesting…I seem to remember a party at Steven’s place during “Friends Forever” where we watched Steven Segal and somebody rewound the scene where he broke a guy’s arm to see it again. Was it you?! *grin*

  3. Jerry said,

    I have a terrible memory… but, I’m sure it must have been me. And… that part of the movie must have seemed magical at the time 🙂 But then again, I may have been more interested in seeing what breaking an arm really (portrayed by hollywood) looked like and how it was done… You know, the science of it all. Boys in their teens… so curious!

  4. Carlo said,

    Sho Kosuji, is he AKA Sho Kosugi? I love Martial Arts also, 4th dan Shotokan Karate. It’s fun and hard work, I love it. Old school ninja movies too 🙂

    Just saying hello, I noticed a thread on Calvin Ayre and I wanted to read it but now it’s gone.

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