February 2, 2006

I’ve always wanted to know a mind reader

Posted in psychology at 10:33 am by Jerry

I’ve been outed by my blog-veteran wife! Now people can read my reverie. I’m not worried. It’s just the getting use to that’s a bit of an adjustment.

I have a number of friends who are bloggers, and I see that the blogging medium reveals a different version of what goes on in their minds. I’m not saying I can read minds. I just think people’s blogs reveal a slightly different side of them.

“I’ve always wanted the ability to read minds.” This is the answer I give when people ask what kind of super power I would want if I could have one. Some people cringe at the idea. But I’d like to think I’d be open-minded (poor pun, I know), about what I’d find inside the minds of others.

One of the many psychological assumptions is — what we want to do for others, we want done for ourselves. So.. yes… I’ve always wanted my mind read. I think there is a lot of power in being known by another. Here’s a crazy question: are we able to read our own minds? Think about it. How much of our identity lies within our subconsciousness? If we could remove the veil, would we be surprised of what we see?



  1. Todd said,

    ‘Theodicy’? ‘Reverie’? Use smaller words so I can understand. 😉

    Glad to see you’re in the blogging world. I need to return to it one of these days myself.

  2. Lazy Daisy said,

    Ah good, now I don’t have to read your mind….I’ll just go check it out on your blog for myself. Thanks for making our birthday girl feel special.

  3. Nathan said,

    welcome out.

  4. Jerry said,

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes and nice things you have to say. Your making my blog debut a delight!

  5. Christy said,

    Welcome to the zoo, Jerry!

  6. Jerry said,

    Thanks Christy, I’m still trying to figure out which animal am I!

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