February 23, 2006

“You can’t blog that! It’s not philosophical.” – Becky

Posted in philosophy, psychology at 9:41 am by Jerry

Oh Yeah?
Oh where is her hairbrush?This morning Becky accidently dropped her brush into the toilet. We laughed ourselves silly. It was one of those any day – everyday moments that had great comedic timing. I told Becky I was thinking of blogging it. She didn’t think it was my style. But who’s to say I can’t make it my style?

Here goes – What is an accident? If it’s an unintentional incident, then what makes our body do unintentional acts? Can our subconsciousness be intentional? Maybe an accident is just a result of a miscalculation. But then, why have we miscalculated? Did we choose (consciously or subconsciously) to be ignorant of somethings that can effect a miscalculation? Do “mistakes” exist?

Is a blunder a matter of fate and only perceived as an accident because we choose to be ignorant of the causes? If our choices are a result of prioritized desire, what are the origins of these desires? If life doesn’t have “freewill,” should we conclude it’s against our will? Do we always get to choose what to be ignorant about? Is everything a matter of fate, including “fate”? Is fate the end of philosophy?



  1. Tracey said,

    Wow! I think you just made my eyes cross! Perhaps gravity won this morning.

  2. Jerry said,

    “Gravity.” Pun intended? 🙂

  3. Todd said,

    So are you saying that Becky purposely through her brush in the toilet? 😉

  4. Todd said,

    Errr… threw.

  5. jeff said,

    Gravity is the only enemy Chuck Norris has yet to defeat, although he hasn’t tried his left foot yet!

    There is lots more …. http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/page1.html

  6. Jadon said,

    Well, Jerry, some Christians would say that God WILLED the brush into the bowl! LOL

    Accidently or not, I’ll be thinking “Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?” by Larry the Cucumber all day now!

  7. becky said,

    Hmmm, blog about the nature of evil, nothing.
    Blog about the Dalai Lama, nothing.
    Blog about me, dropping my hairbrush in the toliet — voila! Comments!

    Glad to see my clumbsyness comes in handy!

  8. Todd said,

    Jerry has just been talking too “highfalutin” and “philosophical waxin'”. When he speaks the language of the common people — hairbrushes in toilets — we can understand the posts enough to comment. 😉

  9. BoBo said,

    Oh Man, “Klutzy Wives” Hahahahah!!!…I could write a thesis on that topic! I use to tell the ex.: “Be careful, you know what might happen!”…but I realize now that I was just contributing to some sort of vicious circle where she would if fact focus on an accidental conclution, worry about it excessively and somehow discover a way to fulfil it !…Right Becky?!…;-)

  10. Christy said,

    Thanks, Jadon. Now I’ll have that song going through my head the rest of the night. *Sigh*

  11. Rick said,

    I don’t know if you recall that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry accidently (?) knocks his partner’s toothbrush into the toilet. The woman uses it before Jerry can do anything and Jerry, being the germophobe he is, has to break off the relationship.

  12. Randall said,

    I think the deeper philosophical question is, who went in and fished it out?

  13. Dixie said,

    Hey Jerry, I just realized today that every time I see your site on my bloglines, I unintentionally sing outloud “oooooohhh, daydreamer…” (to the tune of “Dreamweaver”). Every time. Out loud.

    Maybe you could change your blog name… and to something that does not rhyme with one of the most irritating love songs of the 80s!

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