March 16, 2006

…in the bedroom!

Posted in marriage, soup at 9:28 am by Jerry

It's cliche, I know. But Becky and I always add " the bedroom" at the end of the scripts found in fortune cookies. Only, it's a competition for us. Whoever gets the best script suited for in the bedroom, wins! Yesterday, we went to a great place on Acadia, across from Sherbrooke Community Center (my place of employment). It's called "Asiana Wok." After the two times we've been there, we can still say the food has been fantastic. Their Wonton soup is to die for.

So we opened our fortune cookies and read the scripts…

Becky: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm…"

Jerry: "Even a small gift could mean so much to someone today…"

I WIN!!!



  1. Marc V said,

    I’ll have to remember that. That’s kind of like the “…in the bathtub” game we used to play with the song titles in church hymnals. Many a tear was shed in laughter over that one…

  2. Todd said,

    Hmm… I think you and Becky tie on the fortunes actually… unless your fortune has more personal meaning to you. 😉

  3. Jerry said,

    Nice. No, there’s no personal meaning in my script. But if it could have personal meaning for others I could still be the “Winner,” couldn’t I?

  4. Shuana said,

    What fun!

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