April 13, 2006

What is with Restaurants serving Chicken Lemon-Rice Soup?

Posted in soup at 3:21 pm by Jerry

It seems, everywhere I go, the one soup that has the greatest chances of being the "Soup of the Day" is the horrible chicken lemon-rice soup! Do people actually like this stuff? Or is it just the least expensive soup for restaurant owners to buy?

I happen to LOVE soup. Just ask Becky. Not just any soup, mind you. It has to be goooood soup. I like thick soups like stew, I like soups with a great broth, but I don't like weak soups. You know, the ones where the broth seems just a little more than water and the veggies and/or noodles in the broth could be gathered all onto my table spoon.

Ya, I know chicken lemon-rice soup isn't weak. And that's just it. It doesn't even reside in the poorly-made-soup category. There's good soups, there's bad soups, and then there's Chicken Lemon-Rice soup. 



  1. jeff said,

    It’s one of my favorites.

  2. becky said,

    Two brothers with two entirely different tastes. Hmm.

    (I’ll out myself, too — I’m not a fan of the lemon rice soup, either.)

  3. Tree said,

    I don’t suppose you live in Indiana outside of Chicago? We lived there a couple years ago and my wife loved the lemon rice soup, but now we’re back in north Florida and no one serves it (That we’ve seen).

  4. Todd said,


    6 c. chicken broth
    1 c. rice or orzo
    3 eggs, separated
    1 lemon (juice)
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Boil 6 cups of broth and add one cup of rice. Add salt and pepper to taste. When rice is cooked, lower heat to simmer. In a mixing bowl, put 3 egg whites and beat until stiff. Then add the yolks; add juice of one lemon slowly, beating well.

    Then add broth, a ladle full at a time, beating well until most of the broth is used. Pour this mixture back into the pot, stirring well.

    Optional: Pieces of cooked chicken may be added to the soup.

  5. jeff said,

    Wow, I am so hungry right now!

  6. Jerry said,

    Ahhh, please, no more! Your love for that wretched soup is killing me!

  7. Paul said,

    I live in northwest Indiana outside of Chicago and I always used to love the lemon rice soup at Harry-O’s in Cedar Lake when I was a kid. I haven’t had it in years though.

  8. Tammy said,

    I will admit I never used to be a fan of this soup but something has changed because I find myself craving it now. Maybe it’s like coffee and it’s an aquired taste?

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