April 14, 2006

My Kind of Challenge

Posted in church, fiction, religion at 4:27 pm by Jerry

This is the kind of writing that inspires me to write. I'm trying to think of a creative response to his post, but my creative juices are not flowing as of yet. However, (and I hope the author doesn't mind) I invite ANYONE to respond to this post. If the author doesn't want the traffic, send it here. We've gotta talk more about this stuff, and doing it creatively is even better!


I finally came up with this response:

I think he's already been stamping his feet and pouting and crying, but he has yet to fall into "the basement".

But I hope he does fall into the basement. And there happens to be a big mirror leaning against the wall in front of him. And I hope he takes a long look at himself in the mirror. And I hope his reflection in the mirror says to him, "You are such a Dumbo!"

"You are such a Dumbo, thinkin' you're the only one that matters, and using your size to prove it. Why are you so afraid of others? What can they do to you? Have they hurt you? Or have you been hurting yourself? I think your fall should help you answer that question.

"Why don't you try inspiring people instead of inflicting fear on them! You can hold onto that bible-writing feather next to you if it makes you feel optimistic. That's it. Now start flapping your ears, show others that they actually work. That's it! Work 'em hard! Work 'em hard!

"You're flying! I knew you could do it! Fly! Fly! Lift yourself up to the level of others and inspire them, confess your insecurities, tell the DJ he isn't hurting anybody, and that you love him, and want him to feel good about the music he plays!

"Fly, Dumbo, fly!"


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