April 20, 2006

“the empty tomb…”

Posted in philosophy of religion, psychology of religion, scripture, theology at 8:36 am by Jerry

I've never read an Easter story like this one. I like it.

Here's parts of it:

So maybe the tomb really isn’t much of an accomplishment at all.I mean no disrespect but…
Maybe the tomb is really something far more controversial, confusing, and unfinished then I haver [sic] consdered before.

“I’d like to join your excitement but let’s be realistic. Did any of you touch him? Why did he not let you? We have to [sic] careful not to let our tired bodies guide our sensibilities. Remember that time on the mountain when Moses showed up. Shucks guys maybe this was just his way of saying goodbye. And do you know what we are really saying. I mean if somehow he actually is alive. We are all dead men. And women! Don’t forget they really wanted Jesus dead. I mean really wanted him dead. Are we are [sic] next? Especially if we claim that he’s not really dead. At least now we have our boats – our jobs to go back to. Guys there will be nothing left if we start claiming this story is true. I’m not trying to tell you that what you saw was not real. I’m just trying to bring a little reality to this. I mean unless I can touch his nail prints…”

It’s somehow justifying your very life on the mirage that will not let you touch him. It’s belief that exists – completely yet without certainty.

Needlessly the tomb is not a minor symbol for me any longer…
Now just to get those Jesus junk people to start putting the empty tomb on a necklace…
Happy Easter all!



  1. Shirley said,

    Thank you for the link. I enjoyed his writing very much.



  2. Tracey said,

    I like it, but it confuses me… And that’s why I liked it.

    You like to make a grrrl think 🙂

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