June 13, 2006

just like my blog name?

Posted in mythology, psychology at 9:55 pm by Jerry

I was just thinking, "There is no better description of me today than my blog name – 'caught between the worlds of sleep and waking,' daydreaming." But I'm not entirely sure about that.

I feel like my whole self is in Limbo, nowhere in particular. I don't know how I got here, and I don't know where I'm going. You know the look of astronauts floating in space? That's how I feel.

No intentions, no desires (they're half asleep), no motivations. My thoughts and emotions exist, but they're in a haze. No, I haven't been smoking anything. No, I'm drug free.

I don't feel lost. But I don't feel "anchored" either. I don't think I'm depressed. When I get depressed I usually get inspired to create. And now that I'm articulating how I feel, it sounds depressing because it's not optimistic. But there's no pessimism, either.

My blog title was chosen to represent an optimism. A place where the Muses work, inspiring me to feel, think, act. It's a title about re-birth, waking up from the sleep of old ideas into new ones. I am not among the Muses today.



  1. Shuana said,

    You are in a liminal space. A threshold place. An uncomfortable place. I know this place well! Here’s a link to a Catholic article on the liminal space. I found this article very encouraging. http://natcath.org/NCR_Online/archives2/2002a/020102/020102h.htm

  2. Shuana said,

    I should have used the word “maybe” you are in a liminal space.

  3. Leon said,

    well,nice justification abt why u chose ur blog name,no matter what the reason,its good anyways

  4. Jerry said,

    Shauna, thanks so much for that article. I assume, only in hindsight will I be able to tell you if I am (was), in fact, in “a liminal space.” But, nevertheless, I enjoyed reading the article, and will most likely turn to examine it now and then.

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