August 10, 2006

genuine experiences of unity

Posted in church, family, psychology at 3:47 pm by Jerry

My brother wrote a post I thought was quite interesting:

Unity, Being Right and Friendship

I have been rereading some of my posts and it occured to me that I have a particular interest in wondering about what makes people strive to be right regardless of the relationships they may shatter and the destruction they leave behind them, and then on the other hand, what makes people keep unity at all costs, even when it covers wrongs. Obviously there are the two extremes and there are balanced views in the middle. But whether we are talking about “friendship” or the “church congregation” or a whole “denomination,” there are always tensions that arise, forcing the two (or more) parties to choose right (which may simply be self preservation) or unity.

In one sense, we are all one issue away from not being friends.

In the past few months I have seen and experienced attitudes on both sides, perhaps not the extremes, but certainly passion to either be right or to keep the unity. And it has made me wonder about myself. I am beginning to lean in one direction of which I prefer but I will sit on that for a while before showing my hand, although, if you really know me, you will already know my lean.

My response to him was…

Interesting post, bro. I’ve thought (or hoped) that people could have unity experiences when they mutually agree on what opinions they share and what opinions they differ. But it’s so much easier to have unity experiences around shared opinions.

And the hard reality is that if people extended their knowledge of themselves and others, they’d probably find less opinions in common, which can easily challenge the strength of relationships.

I’ve never liked the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss”. For me, to grow is to learn. So, if I don’t want to sacrifice this kind of growth, I feel challenged to discover where or what kind of genuine unity experiences I can have.


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