September 25, 2006

Sopranos and Canada

Posted in culture, film, politics at 7:11 am by Jerry

I’ve thought about Canada’s identity, now and then, and have never come to any summations. “Polite” is one of the cliche characteristics I’ve heard in the past. Are we still polite? Were we ever really polite? Or is “polite” a euphemism?

The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes.

– Stanley Kubrick

I’ve always been fascinated with how characters on Sopranos episodes juggle their own good and bad morals, and even on a bigger scale — between “families”. Which makes me wonder — how easy would it be to interpret Sopranos episodes as an analogy for our political world?

Is it too idealistic to expect Canada to respect ALL others’ rights and defend ALL it’s own rights? Has Canada been surviving by succumbing to immoral methods?


Unfortunately, my political ignorance stops my imagination short. I wish I could come up with something better than Stanley. He may be right, I don’t know. But there must be something more.


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