November 29, 2006

Breaking With Tradition

Posted in culture, family, marriage at 3:58 pm by Jerry

I suppose, most of the people who know me might think of me as somewhat unconventional. And that might be true. If it is, then my latest tradition breaking will not be a big deal. I, personally, think it’s a big deal because I enjoy being creative in this way. My latest change may not be unique, I don’t know, but I think it’s soooo fitting!

I mentioned in the last post about the struggle to come up with names for my unborn child. Well, I can tell you a temporary full name for our child: Shnodda-nas Peters Bennetch. (See an explanation for “Shnodda-nas” here.)

I thought it was cool that our child will have both of our last names and not the usual last name after the father. And it got me thinkin’ – “I’d still like to have somekind of commonality with all of our last names. I think in the future our child would like it and I think it would be less confusing for public situations.” So, I thought, “Instead of getting rid of my last name like wives traditionally do for their husbands, why don’t I just add Becky’s last name to my three names?” So, even though I am now “Jerry Bennetch,” my full name is Jerald Grant Peters Bennetch.

To me, this idea suits me so well. And to top it all off, when I told Becky about my idea, she said she’d take my last name as a second middle name. So, the whole family will have the names “Peters Bennetch” after our first names. Becky and I now have four names, which I think is also cool. And if our kid (who will be given only three names) wants to make this a new tradition, he can add his future spouse’s name at the end of his names or she can add her future spouse’s name as a second middle name in her names.



  1. Tracey said,

    I think that that is a really cool idea. Congrats on the new moniker (sp?) Although, now I have to return all of the monogrammed towels I bought you for Christmas… 😛

  2. […] here in liberal Canada (though led by a Conservative government) I received some opposition to the idea of taking my wife’s name. […]

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