February 8, 2007

Baby Dreamer

Posted in family, fatherhood, psychology at 6:50 pm by Jerry

I’ve been told, babies are constantly in REM sleep when they sleep. Meaning, they are always dreaming when they sleep. Which makes me wonder — what are they dreaming about?

I’ve seen my little Emma show a variety of facial expressions when she is dreaming. I’ve also heard her make some interesting noises while she sleeps, too. There are the simple smiles and cries, but they’re varied in kind. Our dreaming usually involves material from our experiences. So, what kind of dreams could a baby make from experiences gathered for only one, two, or even three weeks?



  1. Ian H. said,

    You may be interested to read this Scientific American article on the reasons why we sleep. According to one of the research teams featured in the article:

    Before birth, or in animals that have delayed sensory development, REM sleep may act as a substitute for the external stimulation
    that prompts neuronal development in creatures that are mature at birth.

  2. Krystal said,

    I’ve been told that they’re dreaming about their side of the birthing process. You never know. lol

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