March 5, 2007

Shit Disturbers

Posted in culture, politics, psychology at 12:55 am by Jerry

I think everyone, deep down, wants peace of heart, peace of mind, peace of the body. The trouble is, the methods we use to achieve this peace are rarely foolproof. Sometimes, the many methods we use cause more harm than good. And the harm can, and has been, justified as a means to a peaceful end. Which makes me curious – aside from this unethical intention, what is the “peaceful end” presumed to look like?

No one wants to, deep down, make vibrant towns into ghost towns. No one wants to, deep down, convert vivacious people into mindless zombies. And calming our hearts doesn’t have to mean turning down the volume. Nature doesn’t need any help silencing the world by spreading death across it (even though we say it’s in the name of peace). Peace between two or more people is not found in death – it’s found in communication.


But what kind of noise should we make? What does peaceful noise sound like? And if we heard it from others, would we welcome it? Or would we call the people making that noise “Shit Disturbers,” painting them as the enemy?

Funny thing about that phrase – “shit-disturbers”… disturbing shit may cause a stink, but it also makes shit decompose that much faster.

If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them. – Isaac Asimov


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