May 24, 2007

Painful Interpretations

Posted in psychology, science at 7:59 am by Jerry

I use to think of pain in the sense that my body was giving me a warning about something gone amiss with my actions. Now, I’m confused because I’ve learned enough about pain to know that, sometimes, ridding oneself of physical or emotional damage requires the kind of work that can result in a soreness that tells me this pain is commending my previous actions.

So now that I have TWO interpretations of pain I’m sometimes placed in a state of confusion. When it’s easy to see the direct cause of my pain, I can usually interpret whether the source of my pain is good or bad. But when I’m unaware of the direct cause of my pain, I don’t know the nature of its source. And then, I don’t know how I should respond to this pain.

This isn’t an easy issue to put off. Pain doesn’t like being ignored!

Either these mysterious pains are in need of proper communication skills or I’m in need of improving my listening skills. Both would be beneficial.


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