September 1, 2007

Have you met Art?

Posted in art, culture, film, philosophy at 8:38 am by Jerry

Found this video here and had to put it on my blog too. Enjoy.

So, have you met Art? How would you know? What does Art look like?

Off the top of my head, I’d say Art is anything that inspires you to see differently what you know. Art also might inspire you to learn something completely new, but I don’t think new knowledge is a necessary result from the experience of meeting Art.

I think I have a book somewhere that talks about the philosophy of art. If I remember correctly, it says something about the purpose of art being to change the worldviews of others. Now, if this is true, it leads me to a whole other area of exploration. Because, I think a lot of people value their worldviews just as they are, and would hate to have them messed with – which would mean that they wouldn’t enjoy art if they happened upon it. They might even hate Art.


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