November 20, 2008

Another Taiji Quote

Posted in martial arts at 10:37 am by Jerry

via Pacific Rim

Many practice Taiji nowadays but it is not the real Taiji. The real has a different taste and it is easily distinguished. With real Taiji your arm is like iron wrapped in cotton. It is very soft and yet feels heavy to someone trying to support it. In tui-shou (“pushing hands practice”) you can feel this. When you touch your opponent, your hands are soft and light, but he can not get rid of them. When you attack it is like a bullet penetrating neatly (gan cui – clean and sharp) without recourse to force. When he is pushed ten feet away, he feels a little movement but no strength. And he feels no pain. Your hands lightly adhere to him and he cannot escape: soon his arms become so sore he can not stand it. This is real taiji. If you use force, you may move him, but it will not be gan cui. If he tries to use force to control or push you, it is like catching the wind or shadows. Everywhere is empty.

– Chen Weiming


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