March 10, 2009

Coleridge Said That?

Posted in church, religion at 5:41 pm by Jerry

I stole this quote from Becky’s blog. Every time I read it, it leads me to different thoughts. You gotta like that in a quote.

He who begins by loving Christianity better than truth, will proceed by loving his own sect or church better than Christianity, and end in loving himself better than all.

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge


  1. Heather Holden Johnson said,

    After reading a biography on William Wordsworth, of whom Coleridge was a close friend and contemporary, he was not, during his lifetime, a highly respected man. He left his wife and children to chase after any woman he chose. He was tormented for much of his life by crippling anxiety and depression, for which he attempted to self-medicate himself with opium, becoming addicted. All of his friends were pushed away, because he believed them having evil intent on his life. He died a very lonely death, with few who came to grieve his passing.
    Of that person you quote, not so impressive – in my opinion.

  2. Jerry said,

    The reason I wrote “Coleridge Said That?” was because I wasn’t aware that he was a critic of the church. If you’re presenting an argument to dismiss the quote, you’ve used a common fallacious argument known as “Ad Hominem”.

    Coleridge’s history sounds interesting. And maybe I’ll have to read about him sometime… but the quote still stands.

  3. Ali said,

    d Hello Jerry, I’m Ali and your wife and I used to go to the same church (I’m not there anymore either). I actually agree w/ that quote. The reason for my agreement is due to the fact that I’ve lived it. I remember a time when I thought all other churches wrere wrong and then, to my own demise, I DID love myself better than all and it’s been a long, hard lesson and one that I’m not proud of. I never said I was better, but I thought it…unfortunately.

    Yeah, so now I can say that I agree b/c I’m now at a very different kind of church that talks about loving like Jesus rather than trying to get more and more people into Heaven. That’s really not my job, but if I love like Jesus, then the world just might be a better place. Then (bear w/ me b/c I know you disagree, but this is where I’m at), I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as I’m driving alongside a homeless man who’s walking in the pouring down rain. And the Holy Spirit says, “Hey, you’ve got that gift card for Starbucks in your purse. You don’t REALLY need it. Give it away.” I then feel a tad bit of fear b/c I’m a young woman by myself and could be an easy target for a dangerous situation, but then, I hear, “Don’t worry, you’re safe. Choose to trust me.” So…I do and the man accepts the gift. I then tell him that Jesus has not forgotten him and He just wanted him to have some coffee today. I don’t mention the name of my church and I definitely don’t start preaching at him. Now, you might say, “How do you know that’s the Holy Spirit’s voice?” Well, that’s not the first time I’ve heard Him ask me to do something for someone else, but it’s only begun since I really began intentionally listening to His voice. I never used to do anything even remotely close to that (remember, it was all about me) until I intentionally began listening to His voice about 4 yrs ago.

    So…back to the quote. I love Jesus, not Christianity. Christianity w/o Jesus is pointless and therefore, I don’t always agree w/ how a lot of people interpret Christianity (i.e. blowing up abortion clinics or stating that God hates gays). It’s wrong on so many levels. That’s not who Jesus is. He is love, plain and simple and sometimes He just wants to use us to be His hands and feet to give a guy a cup of coffee (or name the good deed), but I can’t hear His voice if I’m caught up in “meism.” Okay, so sorry this is so long.

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