September 8, 2009

Zhan Zhuang (post standing)

Posted in film, martial arts at 12:42 pm by Jerry

Lately, my physical training has involved a dualistic perception of my body. I’ve partitioned it throughout my limbs, torso, and head into what you could call a “yin-yang” partition. nei-gongThe ‘yin’ parts are the parts that welcomes the force of gravity, becomes friends with it, becomes relaxed while moving horizontally, with the gravitational pull. This horizontal force begins in the foot, spiraling up through the legs, supporting whatever stable base I had – much like the bulk of a spinning top supporting its standing needle.

The ‘yang’ parts throughout my body (the ‘standing needle’) are the parts that, really, should have been the only parts I’ve already been using to hold up my body. These are the parts that rebel against the force of gravity. They are the parts that spike through the core of my body directly upward. And when they are not trying to lift the ‘yin’ parts upward too, they are free to act in the light, mobile manner they were meant to.

When both yin and yang parts are combined (‘Taiji’), your whole body can work together to create diagonal power.

Among other things mentioned in the video above, inertia is an important principle to recognize. My goal is to have the ability, the self-control, to both destroy and create whole-body inertia at will – which isn’t as easy as one would think. For instance, applying the principle of friction to whatever object my feet, torso, arms and hands are touching is just one of the many ‘soft art’ aspects that require a tremendous amount of fine-tuning.


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