September 15, 2009

Circle Walking

Posted in film, martial arts at 5:59 am by Jerry

Here’s one of many examples you can find of Baguazhang practitioners performing the most common characteristic of Baguazhang training – Circle Walking.

Just recently I’ve started to move more and more from my Zhan Zhuang training into the classic circle walking found in the internal martial art of Baguazhang.

The circle walking has been evolving out of my “post standing” when I rotate, turning from one side to the other. Eventually, my outside foot needs to take a step around if I’m to keep turning, and so the circle walking begins. Obviously, the circle starts off pretty small for a beginner like me. So I make it bigger and try to keep training the principles I’ve been working through in my standing exercise. I suspect that eventually I’ll be trying to take the circle walk back into a rotating standing position, and then standing still once again.


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