April 6, 2010

Who Knows A Kid’s Imaginary Friends Better Than They Do?

Posted in art, atheism, fiction, psychology of religion at 3:52 am by Jerry

When we find out kids have imaginary friends, are there good reasons to re-consider those experiences as “supernatural” or “mystical” instead?  What do you think? Should we interpret those experiences as so deep and profound that they are beyond any material experience happening in a child’s brain? After all, if we all truly have guardian angels and demons tempting us, who is to say that a kid’s imaginary friends are NOT angels and demons, or God(s)?

On the other hand, maybe we should just let kids have fun creating imaginary friends for themselves without us re-defining them for ourselves. And if a child recognizes similarities between his or her inner world and the inner world of some adults… I know I’ll want to hear more.


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