May 27, 2010

Is Lying As Old As Language Itself?

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A living can be made by a literal monkeying around with deception!


not so Good but definitely Ol’ Absolute Morality

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May 20, 2010


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May 12, 2010

Clinging to a Belief that Atheists are Dogmatic

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What I said here..

At first, I was more annoyed than anything when I heard Christians and Muslims repeatedly equating believers and non-believers in the sense that both claim to be certain about the existence or non-existence of god(s). But lately, it’s become more of a fascination.

It seems that there are plenty of monotheists that not only have dogmatic opinions about their own views, but also about the views of atheists no matter what atheists themselves have to say about it. Now, why would any believer want to dogmatically hold onto this misrepresentation of atheists?

Marc, you say Dawkins “and presumably Hitchens” make “faith assertions” about the non-existence of god(s). When you’re in a book store, flip open to the contents page in Dawkins’ book The God Delusion, and read the title of chapter 4. It reads, “Why There Almost Certainly Is No God”. [bold mine] Would a fundamentalist atheist use the word “almost”? How about a Muslim or a Christian? Would you say you were ALMOST certain about God’s existence when you preach and pray before others?

I’m not saying you never intellectually doubt your certainty. Look, if your prayers include phrases like, “God, even now, as I’m speaking to you, I wonder if I’m talking to no one but myself,” what are your feelings for God when you’re saying prayers like this? When you say prayers like this, what are your feelings for the role God is understood to play in this world? And if you ever felt that God seemed dead to you, were your feelings for this world colored by the mourning of a divine loved one?

When I became an atheist, whatever mourning I had (for what I once assumed to be a living, divine being) was gone.

Atheism, for myself and many others, is one answer for one question – “Do you believe in God?” And our answer is, “No.” We are WITHOUT a belief in god(s). And if you truly are interested in knowing what we are certain about, here it is: We are certain that we have no certainty one way or another about the existence of god(s). And we are certain we have no feelings for a god(s).

Have you ever had THAT kind of doubt?