September 29, 2010

Tempting Satan

Posted in film, psychology of religion at 6:35 am by Jerry

Are you scared of the “Devil”?

Does it make you uncomfortable when you read me saying things like: “Satan, where are you? Come and get me if you can, you weakling!”

Does your superstitious self cringe when you read me saying things like: “Come on, Satan! Are you scared of me, you spineless loser?”

Do you hate hearing these words of mine in your head? Does it worry you that Satan will hear these thoughts of yours and come after you?

How real is Satan to you?

If you believe there exists an evil supernatural being you call the “Devil” or “Satan”, what do you honestly think this “Devil” can do to you?

How powerful do you think your Satan is? Or better yet, how much power are you afraid your Satan has?



  1. Eric said,

    To answer you last question of how much power my Satan has, none at all actually. I am more scared of God actually. Satan is just an agent of God no? If my Bible has taught me anything (it hasn’t) it’s that God is responsible for far more sufferring than Satan. Satan never commits genocide, so far as I know… There is a reason we have the phrase “fear of God” in our lexicon.
    Makes me wonder too, why would Satan be mad at me/punish me for all eternity for going against God? Would he not, upon appearing at his warm abode, not high five me, pass me a beer (or flaming equivalent) and thank me for scoffing at his arch nemesis? I mean , aren’t I helping his side?

  2. Jerry said,

    Makes me wonder too, why would Satan be mad at me/punish me for all eternity for going against God?

    Speaking from a past playground of mine, theologians (those who speculate the motivations of fictional characters) might say that one view is that Satan wouldn’t punish you for going against God. Instead, the scary thing about being a part of Satan’s Kingdom is that he (or it) would be a far less than perfect totalitarian.

    Of course, I think the same can be argued about God’s rule, although, for not always the same reasons. When it comes to the practice of being the Orwellian “Big Brother”, God has Satan beat.

    I’ve had an idea in my head about writing a story someday set in the biblical afterlife. I was thinkin’ of puttin’ a twist on the whole afterlife ultimatum by portraying “Hell” as the more humanist/enlightened of the two supernatural environments to choose from. I was thinkin’ of titling the book, “Home Sweet Hell”. I might even support the fictional piece with some scripture verses mentioned by characters in the story (like Mark 3:22-26 and 1 Cor.6:3).

  3. Eric said,

    okay I totally had to look those verses up. Do you just know that stuff chapter and verse? I LOVE your idea for a story. Sacrilicious.

  4. Jerry said,

    I can (most of the time) remember which book in the bible an idea is talked about. It’s rare when I can remember the actual chapter and verse.

    I’m glad you like my idea for a story. If or when I ever I do manage to write “Home Sweet Hell”, I’ll need a few people to read the draft and give me feedback. If you’re interested, I’ll be sure to hand you a copy.

  5. Eric said,

    I’m honoured, love to.

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