June 30, 2011

Unlearning 20 yr.old Karate Lessons

Posted in martial arts at 10:21 am by Jerry

Now that my martial art training has returned to include punching and kicking again (Baguazhang has no punching, and my Baguazhang training had yet to include any kicks), I’ve been reminded of the Karate lessons I took over twenty years ago.

I was surprised to find out that the kicking and punching I’ve known for so long was still following Karate techniques (that is, the Karate that I was taught).

When I punched in my Wing Chun class, my elbows were not in front of my center and I was punching with my first two knuckles (yang) instead of my middle two (yin). And when I kicked in my Wing Chun class, I was sending my thighs into my core and then trying to send them and the rest of my leg back out to my opponent. My Wing Chun Sifu showed me how to use my core to send my whole leg out to my opponent in one thrusting move.

All this time while I had been studying Baguazhang, I never thought that within my fighting arsenal, I still had Karate techniques. Huh!


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