March 29, 2013

What Did Jesus Save Us From?

Posted in bible, mythology, theodicy at 8:22 am by Jerry

Demonology and the End Times are subjects that I’ve experienced very little education about in the churches or bible schools I’ve attended. I didn’t know if it was because the jury was still out on the biblical interpretations of these subjects or the cringe factor of these subjects alone. I still don’t know. But every now and then I hear Christians refer to Satan and his demons, or the End Times, when trying to articulate a past or future consequence.

This video I just watched draws attention to the need to separate the causation of evil from God…

…and it reminded me of my own struggle over the passage in Isaiah 45:7 that says,

I form the light and create darkness,
I bring prosperity and create disaster;
    I, the Lord, do all these things.

This verse isn’t just saying that God can be a trouble-maker, but that he creates “calamities” or “discords”, which sounded (and still sounds) similar to the behaviours of the greek gods I’ve read about. (See also Amos 3:6; and Lamentations 3:38.) And though it’s obvious to some like myself that God (or the gods) is portrayed as a cosmic bully, I’ve heard many attempt to justify this behaviour as divine corporal punishment for the immoral acts of humanity. In other words, God responds to our actions he disapproves of with violence.

This is just another example of how I end up in a place that challenges the view of God being perfectly good. But when I express this result, I’m consistently approached by Christians saying that no one is qualified to challenge God’s moral behaviour. We can’t fault God… we have to blame it on ourselves if it’s a moral calamity and on Satan and his demons if it’s a natural calamity… Or.. I mean.. natural calamities are a result of humanity’s moral calamities… The science? …Well, I guess we just don’t know why natural calamities happen.. or why God chooses to let them happen.

This weekend is Easter weekend. What use to be a time to celebrate the heart of what my religious culture brought me up on. “Jesus Saves!” But saves me from what, exactly?

From death? How is that naturally possible or even good for the natural world?

From sin or imperfection? How is this accomplished with free minds?

From Hell? Really? He’ll keep me from anything good just because I don’t like the guy?

From Satan and his demons? Who’s going to admit to this… out loud… in public?

If God/Jesus exists, I wish he would save us from the disasters/calamities he supposedly said he creates himself. You know? If the so-called “Saviour” could start saving us from his own crap first, that’d be cool.



  1. jesuswedding said,

    We are saved from ourselves.

    If we are truly the problem, then that is what we must be saved from.

  2. Jerry said,


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