November 28, 2014

A Place For Order AND Chaos

Posted in psychology at 2:31 am by Jerry


Every time I hear Leonard Cohen’s “If It Be Your Will” I think of whatever chaotic, repressed thoughts in the heart of who we are singing to the orderly part of us that polices our views, controls our perspectives.

I don’t think the orderly/policing part of us was meant to be our enemy, but instead, meant to help us function among other people, to be practical for the group. But when that pursuit of practicality buries the chaotic part of us that feels different than the norm, that questions the status quo, that challenges the established culture, that disturbs the manufactured peace…

…it can’t be healthy. Not for long, anyway.

It’s so easy for me to say this, but I think the chaotic part of us should be heard despite the consequences. It may take a lot of work to resurrect, understand and appreciate this part of us, but it is the raw nature of who we are! It is unpolished authenticity at it’s finest, don’t you think?


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